Hi Cassidy, I am so happy with Ben. He is well-mannered, loving, and brings much joy to me and my family and friends. Thank you for bringing us together. Your time, commitment, and love for your dogs is quite evident. I feel so blessed for having found such a caring and responsible breeder. All the best to you and your family.

Sara Thompson Halifax, Nova Scotia - 2011

My wife and I currently have an eleven year old Boston Terrier whom we dearly love and were looking to get her a baby BT sister to both keep her company in her golden years and to also carry on her legacy whenever she decides to leave us. Given her age we were hoping to adopt her sister pup sooner rather than later. Cassidy was extraordinarily helpful and kind with unending patience to our never ending questions! However, due to Cassidy’s anticipated puppy adoption timelines that were somewhat a way off, Cassidy selflessly suggested that we contact an alternate kennel in the hopes that we might secure a new pup sooner.

We have followed Cassidy’s counsel and are hopeful that we will be able to welcome a new pup into our family as soon as one becomes available. Thank you again Cassidy….you are a superstar!

Toby S.

My little Tia, otherwise known as "Princessa", will be 6 years old on May 4. I have had her for just under 5 years. She is a little dear!! She's very smart and as ditzy as ever at the same time. Tia charms everyone she meets. Not to be forgotten is her brother, Buddy. He will be five on June 1st. ( I got the two of them when he was eight weeks old) Buddy is a very sweet boy who loves to run with the big dogs at daycare, but still plays with the young puppies as well. His favourite thing is to cuddle beside me on the couch under his blanket, often with Tia laying on top of him or perched on his head. I did a lot of research before I first contacted Cassidy and was thrilled at her commitment to her dogs and her friendly expertise. I have never had a moment of doubt about my choice - even when they are both insisting on my attention while climbing on my lap.

Brenda Carrigan- Proud 'Bedford" Parent 2011

As Larry is now coming up to his 3rd birthday, I can only echo the comments of all of the other people who have been Lucky enough to have gotten their Boston Terrier from Cassidy. Feeling very fortunate to have come across Bedford Kennel's website (and Larry), I began my research and hundreds of questions (sorry Cassidy) to make sure a Boston Terrier was the right choice. I can't say enough about how much of a gentleman Larry is and a perfect dog, and companion. He always makes new friends wherever he goes, and loves stopping for whoever wants to say hello, and pet him. I too knew that I was making the right choice in getting a Boston from Cassidy from the first meeting. All of my questions, concerns, were always handled immediately, and first class. So many thanks to Cassidy, and as well, Alison Bradley of Kidogo kennels for making a new forever fan of this wonderful breed!

Wayne - 2011

We got our first puppy from Cassidy! You can tell she really cares about what she does and makes sure that the puppies are going to good homes. We have had our Boston Terrier for 3 years now and he is in great health! Cassidy responds to all our questions and is still available for support even after you get your puppy. I love that she updates you with photos and videos since you can’t go see the puppies in person (which I appreciated so they aren’t being held and handled by multiple people) We are currently on the wait list for another and there isn’t another breeder I trust more!

Sacha Rahaman
Testimonial - Pudge

We adopted a Boston Terrier from Cassidy and we could not be happier. Ozzy is 6 months old and is a happy, healthy, very well behaved and good natured little guy. Cassidy was an absolute pleasure to deal with and kept us well informed throughout the entire process. She sent us home with all the support we needed as new puppy parents and is still supportive should I have questions.

Testimonial - Ozzy

When I was doing research for a reputable breeder for Boston Terriers I discovered Cassidy's website. I couldn't have found a better breeder to deal with. From the initial application all the way up until now, she has been a great resource. She takes the time to answer any questions I might have. She works hard to take good care of the dog's she breeds and to find the perfect home for their puppies to go to. When we went to pick up Joey I knew we had made the right choice. She takes the time for you to meet with the dog and make sure the feel is right. You can tell she puts a lot of heart into all her pets and family. Joey is now just about to turn 3! I could not be happier with this match. Joey is such a well natured dog. He loves everything and everyone - including his love hate relationship with our cats. I cannot imagine my life without him! I constantly tell people about Cassidy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Boston. I hope to get another one from her in the future!

​Emily M.

We adopted our Boston, Finley just over 2 years ago and he is a healthy, happy, ridiculously adorable dog. He has been an incredible addition to our home. Highly recommend adopting from this breeder.

Rina H.
Testimonial - Finley

Lucy is now 14 months old and an absolute doll!! It took me a few years to decide that I was ready for the responsibility of a dog and then some more time to find a breeder. I could not have found a better breeder than Cassidy, the website is so informative that it makes the process so much easier. After chatting with Cassidy, I knew I had made the right choice. I highly recommend Bedford Kennels!!

Testimonial - Lucy

Where to start? From the very first time I inquired about getting a Boston Terrier, I knew that dealing with Cassidy from Bedford Boston Terriers would be a great experience. Cassidy works from the heart! She cares about what is in the best interest of her puppies. She does everything to make sure that they will go to a great home, not just a good home, but a great home. Cassidy responded to so many of my emails, my calls and was able to answer all my questions. She spends the time with her puppy parents to make sure that she is confident that the puppies will be well cared for, given the best life possible and loved very much! Cassidy starts their little puppy lives with the best of everything. She loves them, cares for them and does all the right things to make sure that when they get to their new home they are well-rounded, well-adjusted little puppies that are ready to take on the big world ahead of them. One of the great things about adopting from Bedford was seeing our baby grow up from week to week in picture and videos. We found it reassuring but it was something that we could look forward to every week leading up to her adoption. We had the opportunity to meet with Cassidy and her family on December 28th, 2012 when we finally got to meet our little angel Gracie who was born October 18th, 2012. We didn’t have a final name for her but with their help, we named her Gracie. Her dad’s name is Elvis and Grace or Gracie just seemed to suit her. She is truly a Gracie! Gracie has brought us so much joy! She is crazy smart, funny, full of life, very healthy, stunning – perfect markings and always wants to please and to love us. She loves her sissy “Oreo” (the cat), who to be honest, does not love her back, unless she is sleeping. She loves other dogs, cats and kids and is always a huge hit. So, from the bottom of our hearts (even Oreo’s), I want to say a “HUGE THANK YOU” to Cassidy, her husband and children for all their love, caring and dedication to Gracie and all other Bostons she has bred. We have already put our name down for our second baby. Super excited! Thank you again! Love Terry & Grant Smith xox

Terry & Grant Smith
Testimonial - Gracie

Joe Louie is about 7 months old now and we could not be prouder of our little guy! Cassidy was an amazing breeder to deal with and we truly felt that our pup got the best start to life. She really treats the pups as though they are her own and wants only the best for them once they leave her care. Cassidy is so knowledgeable and proud of her dogs, and is always there to answer our questions and help us along the way. We could not be happier with our dealings with Cassidy and will stay in touch for a long time to come.

​Julia Steiner
Testimonial - Louie

We could not be happier with our dealings with Cassidy. She is a remarkable and reputable breeder. Her love for her dogs and the breed is outstanding. I am impressed by her responses to all my questions, her time and effort, diligence and how she will continue to be a part of our lives and Betty’s. Meeting her and her family confirmed for us that this was right choice. Betty is well mannered, tempered and a fun-loving dog. She is great with the children in her circle and a joy for all the adults. We are very happy to have her in our home and to continue our relationship with Cassidy. Thank you and see you soon!


Bedford Kennels exceeded my expectations of a breeder! Although I was initially intimidated by the comprehensive policies and screening process, my communication with Cassidy quickly put me at ease; she is approachable, knowledgeable, passionate, honest and ethical. It is obvious that the pups are home raised with children and well socialized. Our Boston girl, Juno, will soon be 1 year old. She is absolutely delightful with a wonderful disposition and personality; she is by far the best canine companion we have ever had. Thank you Cassidy and Bedford Kennels!


I got my first dog, Meko, a Boston terrier, from Bedford Kennels in September. Cassidy was so helpful and kind helping me set up and learn all about what to do with this adorable little girl. She even helped me with training when I was unsure of things. She's very supportive and allows you to be part of watching the dogs grow up with weekly photo updates. Meko is now almost 8 months and is my pride and joy. I love her to death and don't think I could have gotten a more beautiful Boston or one with a better personality.


A few years ago I came across Cassidy and her Bostons and had been interested in them ever since. I knew as soon as I meet her and her dogs I had to have one. After viewing her website about 100 times and waiting for the perfect dog to become available I finally found my sweet little "Voodoo"! Through out the entire process of emailing Cassidy back and forth many times and finalizing all the details, I finally got my first dog who couldn't be more perfect! Voodoo was 2 years old when I got her, she had some issues with her first pregnancy and couldn't handle the anesthesia required for her C-section. She is perfectly conformed and healthy otherwise but without hesitation, Cassidy took her out of the breeding program, with all intentions based on the welfare of Voodoo. Knowing this, I felt more than confident in her as a professional breeder and animal lover at heart...who could ask for more!?? Cassidy was more than professional, she educated me and was willing to answer my millions of questions about this amazing little breed. I could tell that this is more than just a "business" to her, this is her passion and love in life. She takes her work very seriously, and when it comes to breeding programs, hers is far beyond any of those out there. My Boston is the love of my life and I can't imagine a day with out her in it! Ms. Voodoo and Cassidy have won me over on this beautiful breed of dog and I one day hope to own more of them from Bedford Kennels! Thank you Cassidy, I am forever grateful... Katy & Voodoo

Katy Delorme
The Best Boston Inthe World

I did a lot of research before deciding a Boston Terrier was the right dog for me and my lifestyle. I found Bedford Bostons in Dogs in Canada magazine, in the Breeders Showcase, so knew they were reputable. Cassidy Bedford has been incredible throughout the entire puppy purchasing process, updating me weekly with photos of my little girl up until the day I could pick her up. When the day finally arrived to pick Roxy up, Cassidy introduced me to her family - including all of the Bostons that reside in her home! Roxy has become an integral part of my family and everyone who meets her immediately falls in love. She has a sweet temperament and is smart as a whip. She is strong, healthy and beautiful (evidence of immaculate breeding practices). Cassidy takes pride in her dogs and offers support even after the puppy is purchased. She has given me tips and training suggestions, replying in no longer than a day. Thank you for everything, Cassidy!


I do not even know where to begin. There are too many nice things to say about Bedford Bostons, Cassidy and of course my little girl Lilly. Lilly is the apple of my eye. She can do no wrong.(Well that is what I think). She is such a little explorer, full of energy and personality to spare. I can't imagine my life without her. Every night she walks up to my pillow and lightly scratches my cheek, I lift up the covers for her and down she goes. She LOVES sleeping under the covers down by my feet. I know that every Boston is loved at Bedford Bostons and that is why Lilly (and all of her brothers and sisters) are so happy and loving in return. Cassidy, I don't think I could have asked for a better breeder. I know you care about every single Boston and that makes all the difference in the world. My little girl came from a loving home and you always make sure your Bostons go to a loving home. Thank you for answering all of my questions during the adoption process (because you and I both know there were a lot!). It just goes to show that you care. If anyone is ever wanting to adopt a Boston Terrier, they need to get a Bedford Boston from a breeder that truly cares about each and every one of their puppies. Thank you Cassidy!


My parents recently adopted Viola from Bedford Bostons...and they couldn't be happier and neither could I. She is such a wonderful dog. She is 5 years old, full of energy and gets along great with everyone!! She has become best friends with a year old Boxer...they are quite the pair to watch run around. Cassidy I know that Bedford Boston's will definitly be the place for me to go when I get a Boston of my own (hopefully not too far in the future!!). Thank you once again Cassidy for Viola, we love her very much!!


We are having so much fun with our Boston pup Voodoo. He is bright and loving...and very mischievous! We love him to pieces are so happy to have him as the special addition to our family. Cassidy made the adoption process such a wonderful experience, and we were so impressed with the ethics and standards of Bedford Bostons that we wouldn't have considered getting a pup from anyone else! We have a vet in the family who told us what to look for in a breeder and also in the Boston bloodline, and Bedford Bostons far exceeded all expectations.Thank you soooo much again for holding such high standards in Boston breeding!

Dan & Danielle